MRline – A new era in guide wire technology.

Our CE marked guide wire enables interventions in MRI and meets all MRI safety standards. This opens new opportunities in this field.


  • enables interventions in MRI
  • meets all MRI safety standards
  • navigation through discrete markers
  • available in 0.035”
  • non-breakable corefibres
  • good steerability
  • crocodile® markers
  • non-conductive
  • we produce wires according to your specifications
  • FDA approval in progress

Safety information

A patient with this device can be safely scanned in an MR system meeting the following conditions:


  • static magnetic field of 1,5 Tesla and 3 Tesla, with
  • maximum spatial field gradient of 12,800 G/cm (128 T/m)
  • maximum Force product of 231,000 G2/cm (231 T2/m)
  • theoretically estimated maximum whole body average (WBA) specific absorption rate (SAR) of
    2 W/kg (Normal Operating Mode)
    4 W/kg (First Level Controlled Operating Mode)

Your contact person

Dr. Senta Schauer

Head of Development

T +49 7123 9784-0

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